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Backup Camera Systems


Backup Camera System with 7” Color LCD Backup Monitor and 3 Cameras | Rosco

This backup camera system from Rosco will increase your safety! This system features 3 weatherproof wide-angle cameras, 1 high mount backup camera with a 130 degree field of view and 2 side view cameras with 160 degree fields of view. Each camera has infrared LEDs for safety in low light conditions, and a built in microphone for increased driver awareness. Images and audio from the cameras are displayed onto a vibrant 7" full-color LCD monitor with 3-channel inputs and split screen capability. This kit is an upgraded version of the regular STSK7165, providing a total of 3 cameras.



Kit Components:

(1) 7" Monitor STSM270
(1) Backup Camera STSC101A
(2) Side View Cameras STSC111B
(2) 33' Harnesses STSH343
(1) 65' Harness STSH341


The monitor and camera in this kit have a 2-year warranty, while the harness is subject to our general 1-year warranty.

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