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Commercial Vehicle Industry Safety Solutions

See more and know more with our commercial vehicle industry safety solutions. We can provide your drivers with a clear view and broader perspective. Our backup cameras and comprehensive camera systems supply enhanced visibility for complex maneuvers. We also specialize in products that deliver information on driver behavior and performance, leading to improvements in safety, efficiency and cost savings. Major manufacturers trust Rosco for their visual safety and vehicle tracking systems. Our leading edge vehicle safety products include backup cameras, all-inclusive camera bundles, and advanced continuous automotive event recorders. We engineer and manufacture durable units for work trucks, ambulances, transit buses, shuttles, waste trucks and other commercial vehicles. You can easily add school bus cameras to an entire fleet or simply install a new backup monitor in one cargo van. Either way, Rosco will be ready to meet your unique fleet requirements with precision manufacturing, superior quality control, attractive warranties, and friendly customer service.


Distracted Driving Solutions For Commercial Vehicles Lead to Valuable Benefits

Let’s make safety second nature. Our products play a pivotal role in distracted driving prevention for commercial vehicles. Risks are reduced. Incidents prevented. You’ll also gain the valuable information you need for a stellar fleet safety record, with the potential for reduced expenses, higher profits, lower insurance premiums and compliance with distracted driving laws. Consider the serious consequences of distracted driving habits such as texting. Inattentive drivers generate fines and cause serious accidents with costs in the thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Our distracted driving solutions rank as standouts in the automotive safety industry with continuous and event-based video recording technologies, GPS tracking, and real time feedback. Rosco Vision supports smarter fleet management for safer commercial vehicles. Contact our customer support team about products that can prevent distracted driving and perhaps even save a life.