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Construction Safety

We design and manufacture construction safety equipment that delivers industrial strength and intelligent technology. Our backup camera systems meet the demand of construction vehicles, including bulldozers, cranes, loaders, dump trucks and other heavy equipment. Our construction vehicle safety systems are built to withstand extreme environments; Rosco's design process addresses rear view limitations and unique cab conditions. Our heavy duty backup camera for construction sites is protected by waterproof housing, so it transmits a virtually unobstructed view. With its heating capabilities, the lens remains free of ice or condensation. The waterproof LCD monitor displays ultra-clear, color images in the open or enclosed cab.

Our vision equipment for construction safety provides wide angle views of hazardous zones. With a quad-monitor system, bulldozer and crane operators gain comprehensive perspectives. Cameras are positioned for both rear and side views, leading to greater visibility.

Make The Jobsite Safer With One of Rosco's Visual Safety Products! 

A rugged crane camera will effectively eliminate blind spots during high risk operations. Cameras built to exacting specifications are crucial to construction crane safety and accident prevention. Encased in sturdy aluminum, they deliver rearview surveillance day or night. Built-in microphone options support crucial communications during tower, port, or container crane operations. Construction zone conditions are no match for Rosco. We have durable rearview camera systems that increase productivity. These vision innovations also serve the agricultural customer who needs harvester and tractor safety. Contact us about a specialized crane mirror or backup camera today. It's the simple, economical way to reduce risks and avoid expensive repairs.

Construction Safety Safety Products


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