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Dual-Vision® XC Accessories

Camera Mounts, SDHC Cards and More

Accessories for Rosco’s Dual-Vision® XC recording camera series for vehicles, including windshield camera mounts, enclosures, SDHC cards, and more.

Dual-Vision® Accessories

Camera Mounts, SDHC Cards & More

Complete your Dual-Vision® camera system with customizable parts and accessories. Windshield camera mounts allow you to position the camera in the optimal location, and a lockable security enclosure protects your system from wear and tear. Don’t forget to stock up on SDHC cards for your whole fleet.

Monitor Mounts

Fleet Maintenance Accessories

Backup monitor mounts make it easy for your drivers to get an optimal view of the rear of their vehicles. Customizable mounts safely secure monitors to the windshield, dashboard, or overhead compartment —wherever it is most convenient. This fleet maintenance essential keeps drivers out on the road with an unobstructed view.


Protect from Extreme Weather & Driving Wear

A/V cables mounted on vehicles undergo constant wear and tear. Smart fleet maintenance involves investing in quality cable harnesses and running routine checks on cable coverings. Don’t endanger your drivers or cargo with equipment prone to shorting out, disintegration, or other forms of damage. Rosco harnesses are manufactured from industrial-grade materials that are engineered for outdoor vehicle use and have connectors designed to prevent water infiltration.

Camera Arms & Guards

Camera Guards, Extension Arms & Housing

Utilize our robust parts and accessories for automotive safety solutions. Their benefits are good for business. We protect vehicle cameras from damage and the elements with special camera guards. Our rugged guard housing won’t interfere with operations or affect vehicle dimensions. Take a look at guards with extension arms which allow devices to be optimally positioned as they’re protected. Camera angles are adjusted fast! Rosco’s commercial truck and van accessories deliver in-demand capabilities and sturdy construction as they contribute to broader views.

Backup Sensor Accessories

Rosco Backup Sensor Accessories

Backup sensor accessories help you maintain and utilize your safety systems for extended use. Each of our backup kits comes with sensors, a display unit and wireless control box. Using ultrasonic technology, our backup sensors for cars automatically detect the distance between a vehicle and rear obstructions. Be sure to browse backup kit features or contact us for more information on the right products for your fleet.