Commercial Vehicle Camera Guard and Extension Arm

Achieve the best backup views using a commercial vehicle camera guard and extension arm. The correct guard provides optimal camera placement for unobstructed images of the area behind a vehicle. Our adjustable camera guards constructed from aluminum and steel also offer maximum device protection. For roof mounting solutions, look to durable camera guards with attached extension arms. This extension can be essential when vehicle designs require the camera to sit back on the roof. <a data-cke-saved-href="/Backup camera systems often face a variety of exposures. Tough vehicle camera housing shields your device during backing up, loading, parking or everyday driving. Cameras are protected from tree limbs, debris, sunlight and other damaging effects. We manufacture our own housing in the USA which corresponds specifically with our cameras. Do your work trucks or vans face overhead obstacles? Consider a guard that is designed to absorb over two tons of force! Let our complete selection of commercial vehicle safety accessories support your Rosco system installations.

House a Vehicle Camera Safely to Protect From Wear and Tear

Safeguard your fleet assets. House a vehicle camera safely to protect it from wear and tear. We make metal guards with specialized coatings for remarkable durability. Our rugged vehicle camera housing also allows for angle adjustability so danger zones are always in sight. You’ll find Rosco backup camera guards designed for both horizontal and vertical surface installations. Set them up easily and remove them just as quickly. Our guard kits come with mounting hardware so you’re ready to eliminate rear blind spots in no time. Contact us for information on our parts and warranties. We’re here to help!

Camera guard, steel, U-style, for STSC101 camera only



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Camera guard/housing, aluminum/steel, 2 Ton Rated, for STSC101…



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Camera extension arm/guard/housing, aluminum/steel, for STSC101…



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Camera guard/housing, aluminum/steel, 2 Ton Rated, for STSC141,…



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Camera extension arm/guard/housing, aluminum/steel, for STSC141,…



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Bullet Camera 90 degree mounting bracket, aluminum, 3.5" W x 2.1" H…



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Adjustable guard and housing for the bullet camera.



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