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Backup Camera Systems


Backup Camera System for Forklifts | Rosco

Give your forklift drivers an edge with a waterproof monitor and heated backup camera system. The heavy-duty heated camera functions optimally to provide the clearest view in the wettest and coldest conditions. The unique forklift mounting system allows the 7” multi-view monitor, and camera, to be easily and securely attached to a forklift cage structure without drilling. Rear View Camera Systems for forklifts have become necessary to lessen and prevent work place accidents. Rosco Backup Cameras provide rear and or mast/side views for greater all-around visibility during operations.



To view the STSM207 Backup Monitor in action on the race track with Corvette Racing click on the following link: Tommy Milner

Kit Components:

(1) 7" Monitor STSM207
(1) Backup Camera STSC107
(1) 16.5' Harness STSH308


The monitor and camera in this kit have a 2-year warranty, while the harness is subject to our general 1-year warranty.

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