Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders, Backup SensorsRosco Customer Support is dedicated to solving all customer inquiries and requirements as accurately and rapidly as possible. General questions on order status, expediting, and tracking can be answered by calling 800-227-2095 between 8 AM – 5 PM EST and following the phone prompts or dialing 0. You may also e-mail for an e-mail response. Technical questions on product installation, trouble shooting, and warranty, can also be obtained along with drawings, schematics, and 3-D math data by calling or e-mailing the following industry contacts:

Director of Sales & Marketing
Peter Plate
(718) 526-2601 x124
Commercial Bus Sales
Scott Coleman
(718) 526-2601 x149
School Bus Sales
Robert Buck
(718) 526-2601 x141

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