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Preloaded SDHC Card (16GB)


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SDHC Card Reader USB 2 w/ Rosco Logo


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Dual-Vision® 2" x 3.5" adhesive pads and primer…


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OBSOLETE - Dual-Vision® Security Enclosure…


Preloaded SDHC Card (32GB)


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DISCONTINUED Partial Dual-Vision® Camera…


DISCONTINUED Optional Dual-Vision™ Mounting Base…


DISCONTINUED Dual-Vision® Timer Delay System with…


DISCONTINUED Dual-Vision® Timer Delay System with…


DISCONTINUED Dual-Vision™ 12V Power Adapter


DISCONTINUED - DV101 Basic/Up to 7 Hours of…


DISCONTINUED - DV101E Secure/Up to 7 Hours of…


DISCONTINUED - DV133 Basic/Up to 30 Hours of…


DISCONTINUED - DV132 Secure/Up to 30 Hours of…

Dual-Vision®  Adapter & Automotive Wiring Harness Accessories

Set up and support your Rosco system with Dual-Vision®  accessories. Our exclusive dual camera device acts as a driver assistant, capturing interior and exterior recordings. So purchase parts that work perfectly with the system, while providing customizations. Our windshield camera mount will position the recording device where it captures useful footage without obstructing the driver’s line of sight. We have mounting bases that are simple to install yet hold cameras securely.

Dual-Vision®  enclosures and mounts with universal designs allow for installation on a variety of windshields. Also consider security enclosures that mount and protect your camera system from damage. To keep data and devices locked up, choose a heavy duty security enclosure with key access. Data capture can begin immediately when you insert one of our SDHC cards into your camera. These SDHC cards arrive ready to record on our dual camera system. Plus, importing the recorded data into your computer will be easier with a compatible card reader. Take advantage of your camera’s full capabilities with Rosco quality parts!

Dual-Vision®  Adapter and Automotive Wiring Harness Kits

Buy accessories that offer flexibility and convenience in recording commercial vehicle footage. Take a look at our dual video adapter and automotive wiring harness. The Rosco Timer Delay System allows for up to 10 hours of continuous camera recording with the vehicle engine turned off. This parts kit comes complete with harness and automotive camera wiring for efficient installation. You can also order dual-camera video adapters that provide additional power sources for our high capacity devices. Remember, Rosco’s digital recording solutions include the proven technology of original Dual-Vision®  and Dual-Vision®  XC automotive event recorder systems. We have the innovation that serves you well.