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Dual-Vision® XC4

Protect Your Fleet & Drivers with the Dual-Vision® XC4 Recorder

Rosco’s Dual-Vision®  XC4  has the capacity to identify unsafe driving behavior through its ability to continuously record video and provide instant driver feedback when an event occurs.

Dual-Vision™ XC4

Dual-Vision® XC

Rosco Dual-Vision® Recorder with 3rd Camera + Wi-Fi Download Capability

A high resolution Rosco Dual-Vision® camera puts safety in clear focus. Our best-selling line of compact Dual-Vision® products offers impressive options for improving fleet performance and regulatory compliance. We engineer intelligent automotive event recorder (AER) systems, software, and accessories for safer commercial driving. Each of our Dual-Vision® cameras comes with valuable business benefits.


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Dual View Video Camera for Commercial Vehicles. Up to 30 Hours of Continuous Video and Event Recording

Evaluate essential images, inside and out, with a dual view video camera for commercial vehicles. We engineer advanced devices that capture AV and vehicle tracking data so you can reduce fines, accidents, and fuel costs. With a dual view windshield camera, optimal frames per second video recordings are collected, with audio options. Our original Dual-Vision®  systems continuously record up to 30 hours of footage and come in standard or security protected models. Once routes are complete, use our DV-Pro software to make the most of information collected by the system’s GPS tracker. Identify vehicle locations and speed quickly. Let non-stop recordings from Rosco dual video cameras deliver the data you need now.

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Dual-Vision® XC Accessories

Dual-Vision® XC Accessories

Accessories for Rosco’s Dual-Vision®  XC recording camera for vehicles, including windshield camera mounts, enclosures, SDHC cards, and more.

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Dual-Vision® Accessories

Camera Mounts, SDHC Cards and More.

Accessories for Rosco’s Dual-Vision®  recording camera for vehicles, including SDHC cards, windshield camera mounts, enclosures and more.

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