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DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Video Camera | Dual-Vision,…


DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Video Camera | Dual-Vision,…


DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Camera & Windshield Camera…


DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Video Camera | Dual-Vision,…


DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Camera & Windshield Camera…

Our Dual-Vision®  100 series has been discontinued but parts and accessories are still supported and can be found in the Part and Accessories section. Please look at the Dual-Vision®  XC for your recording needs. 

Digital Video Surveillance Recorder

Equip your fleet with an intelligent monitoring system in a compact package. Our digital video surveillance recorder is a powerful performer for any commercial vehicle. The Rosco Dual-Vision®  line delivers streamlined, two-camera recording. Every Dual-Vision®  camera device fits easily in the palm of the hand. It’s an inconspicuous addition that has maximum impact on risk reduction. The first built-in camera captures footage from a forward perspective, while a second records the activity of drivers and passengers. These valuable recordings are integrated with a post-route GPS Tracker. The use of dependable digital video surveillance encourages optimal driver behavior, so fleets reduce risks and avoid costly penalties. Today, commercial truck and bus companies that allow drivers to use handheld devices during vehicle operation could face penalties of more than $10,000. Need a smart, economical solution to potential penalties? Choose a Rosco digital recorder with continuous video surveillance.

Driver Assistant Dual-Vision® Camera with GPS Monitoring

Our equipment works proactively to prevent incidents. Install a driver assistant dual vision camera to guide safer behaviors out on the road. Every Dual-Vision® camera we manufacture delivers continuous loop recording and GPS tracking. Drivers remain more aware with features such as speed and off-route monitoring. Using two reliable cameras, businesses can gather up to 30 hours of digital AV vehicle footage at a lower cost. With flexible fleet management systems, factors such as driver reactions, traffic lights, and weather conditions are all digitally documented. You may also want to see our premium Dual-Vision®  XC. It serves as a technical driver assistant, providing immediate audible warnings to drivers. Contact our experienced team to learn more about these commercial vehicle monitoring systems!

Below are Newer Versions of the DV100 Recorder