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The new DV6 is revolutionary

D&J Ambulette has been a Rosco customer for over 10 years now. They use Rosco’s backup cameras, rear-view and side-view mirrors, and dual-facing camera systems on all of their vehicles.

Why does D&J use Rosco? Safety, safety, safety. Safety is our number one reason we use all their products. If it can save us from one accident, it is well worth it. A big incident happened when we were installing our dual-facing cameras. One of the first 10 units that were sent out on a vehicle of ours was involved in a big accident where it was deemed our fault. When the footage of the accident was reviewed, it was found that we were not at fault at all. It saved us from an extremely high loss for D&J in terms of insurance loss history.

The new DV6 is revolutionary. The fact that you’re able to pick up distracted driving and cellphone use in real-time is key to the future of safety in all vehicles. It's really easy to have a camera in the vehicle, but unless it is acting in real-time, you aren't really helping the cause. You can only help issues that happened already. AI is essential to doing something active in real-time. I would recommend Rosco products to any transportation company out there. Their customer service level and safety aspects help not only with keeping your insurance loss history down, but you know you always have someone always willing to get on a call with you and help you through any issue you may have with the product.


Testimonial from Joe Gallitto Jr., General Manager
D&J Ambulette

Working Together for Over 20 Years Testimonial from DATTCO

There's no way to be in the bus industry and not have a relationship with Rosco, and we are no exception. Being one of the largest IC school bus suppliers in New England we have had the opportunity to work with Rosco for years with their mirror systems for both the full size and type 2 bus categories. Their willingness to go above and beyond in order to help us supply our customers is immeasurable. Knowing that Rosco is there to help has always made our relationship with them stress-free and mutually beneficial to both parties. Even when it comes to non-IC buses they have been there to help identify their products and help us obtain the correct parts for our numerous customers. Rosco is truly the leader when it comes to school bus mirrors and brackets. 
With the increased demand for camera systems in buses now-a-days, we have now started a new chapter in our relationship with Rosco. Their Digital Products division has helped us to offer another outstanding product line to our customers in a highly competitive market. Their camera systems offer the same excellent quality and performance that we expect from such a market leader. We've been lucky enough to have a few large camera system orders with Rosco and their ability to fill the orders and work with our customers to get them up and running has been first rate. We at Dattco look forward to many more years of profitability and successful business together.

Testimonial from Victor Sargent, Parts Specialist
DATTCO, New Britain, CT

Cyl-V Recorder Testimonial from Luxor Limousines

We’ve been using the Cyl-V Recorder for one year and we’ve seen numerous improvements and benefits in and around our limousine and bus fleet. The Cyl-V recorder acts as an accident event recorder, driver aid and also a driver exoneration tool. 

The Cyl-V recorder has allowed our insurer to investigate claims against our drivers and, in most cases, has proven that they were not at fault for the accident. When we receive false claims, such as rear-enders or sideswiping of parked cars, the recorder proves that our driver/vehicle was not moving and our insurer can use that information to successfully deny the claim. 

One of our vehicles was involved in an accident in which we made a legal right-hand turn from the right lane and was hit by a vehicle making a left into the same lane. The other driver realized his mistake and left the scene of the accident. With the benefit of the HD quality recording, we were able to identify the license plate, locate the driver and receive reimbursement from the driver’s insurance company within 2 days. 

We have seen significant monetary benefits in utilizing the Cyl-V recorders but, as important, it also gives us peace of mind while running our business.  As a New York City based manufacturer, Rosco support of Cyl-V is exceptional and the company is a pleasure to work with.  Rosco is always there when I need them.

Testimonial from Shlomo Chkifati, Principal Owner w/Brother Albert 
Luxor Black Car & Limousine Service, New York, NY
44 Limousines and Buses
Lancer Insured for Two Years

Dual-Vision™ XC Testimonial from Dell Transportation



Dual-Vision<sup>® </sup> Continuous Automotive Event Recorders for School Buses 








Bob Pape (left) with Director of Fleet Maintenance, Mike Boylan (right).

We’ve been using the Dual-Vision®  for 2 years now and we’ve seen a number of improvements and benefits in and around our fleet.  We not only use the Dual-Vision®  for our vehicles but we also use it for surveillance in our parking lot as a security camera. It was essential in a robbery investigation where the perpetrator was caught on the Dual-Vision®  camera which led to his arrest. Without the 24 hour recording capability of the Dual-Vision®  device, the robbery may have gone unsolved.

Currently, 100% of our fleet is equipped with Dual-Vision®  recording devices including the new Dual-Vision®  XC model with 3rd camera capability.  All 145 vehicles have been installed with the Dual-Vision®  and are in use every day. Though our primary uses for the Dual-Vision®  are accident prevention and student management security, we’ve found many other benefits such as improvements in general safety in and around the bus, and reduction in operating costs like fuel and driver time clock hours. 

Our insurance premiums have gone down and our insurance company underwrites nearly 100% of the Dual-Vision®  devices. Studies have shown that accident event recorders reduce accidents by 27% and this has been reflected in our fleet. Our drivers love having the Dual-Vision®  in their buses and it makes them more aware of their environment and gets them to slow down. The device also exonerates them from false accusations and improves the safety for both the children and drivers alike. The school districts we serve view our hi-tech approach to safety and security as a plus over our competition which helps distinguish Dell as a top pupil transportation provider in the region.

Bob Pape, Principal of Transportation
Dell Transportation

Dual-Vision® XC Continuous Video Recorder Protecting Drivers and the Bottom Line



Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders, Backup Sensors 

During the summer of 2012, a driver with Sprint Medical Transport was traveling in the far right lane of a multi-lane highway when he was struck from behind by a Semi-Truck.  The Sprint Medical Transport driver was in the process of slowing down to allow a merging vehicle to enter when struck.  The driver of the Semi-Truck did not notice the slowing traffic in front of him and rear-ended the Sprint Medical vehicle. 

The responding officer at the scene of the crime was preparing to issue a ticket to the Sprint Medical Transport driver for impeding the flow of traffic and listing him as the at-fault party in the accident.  The next morning after burning the video on a CD from Rosco's Dual-Vision®  XC Automotive Continuous Video Recorder using their proprietary DV-Pro™ software I personally took the video to the police station.  After the officer reviewed the video, he determined the driver of the Semi Truck was at fault and issued him the citation.

Not only did the Dual-Vision®  XC Automotive Continuous Video Recorder save our Sprint Medical Transport Driver from receiving a ticket and an at-fault accident on his driving record, but it also avoided attributing the liability of a multi-vehicle accident to Sprint Medical Transport.  For the full story on the accident please click on the letter from co-owner Brian Hathaway

Brian K. Hathaway, Co-Owner
Spirit Medical Transport, LLC

Dual-Vision® XC Continuous Video Recorder Customer Review



Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders, Backup Sensors 

During the past year, we have seen amazing results with Dual-Vision® . Not only have we reduced the frequency of risky events but the change in driver behavior was immediate once

Dual-Vision®  was installed in our vehicles. In fact, we've seen cell phone use drop by 70% and dangerous behavior, such as following too close, decrease by 75%.I know because our accident/incident rate has dropped by so much that our auto insurance carrier lowered our premium 5% across the board this year.

When we heard that Rosco was introducing their new Dual-Vision®  XC Continuous Video Recorder with 160 plus hours of recording capacity and smaller windshield footprint we were excited to get a DVXC in one of our vehicles for a try. Not only does the DVXC have higher recording capacity in a smaller package the quality is so much better. I can follow a conversation easily now (I wear hearing aids) because of the improved audio and the new infrared light makes night time video much sharper.

Last week I placed an order for another three (3) DVXC DV231 continuous video recorders. I really like the service and cameras from Rosco and if I can learn to operate these, anyone can!.  - Rick Knights, Rainbow Taxi    

About Rainbow Taxi: Rainbow Taxi in Pittsfield, MA is family-owned and operated by brothers Anthony and Joseph Renzi. Their quality service and solid reputation for punctuality, regardless of time or weather conditions, has made Rainbow Taxi grow steadily since being established in 1985. Anthony "Corky" Renzi is on the board of directors at the TLPA and a member of NLA & NELA.  

Intermountain Rigging & Heavy Haul Testimonial



Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders 

We are currently using Rosco Dual-Vision®  Windshield Mounted Video Recording Systems in our vehicles and take advantage of the timer delay system which allows us to keep the camera recording for up to 10 hours after the driver turns off the vehicle and leaves for the day. On May 24th 2011 one of our service trucks located in Jerome, Idaho was broken into and robbed of $5,000 worth of equipment. My first response was to remove SD card from our Dual-Vision®  camera and review the footage. After finding and reviewing the robbery footage I immediately forwarded it to the investigating officer assigned to the case. That same night a local news station played the video clip of the robbery taken from the Dual-Vision®  camera during its broadcast and the police department had an immediate response from the public.

A few days later a search warrant was issued and our equipment was recovered. Forty-eight hours later, four arrests were made in connection with the robbery. In Feb. 2012 the two guilty parties for this theft were convicted. The first offender got 4 years in prison with mandatory reimbursement of the costs related to the case. The second offender got a 4 year suspended sentence and is under the watchful eye of a parole officer for four years along with mandatory reimbursement of case related costs. With out the Dual-Vision®  AER installed this would not have turned out so well.

Intermountain Rigging offers rigging, millwright, heavy transportation, warehousing, packaging, and shipping services to a variety of customers in the intermountain region and throughout the U.S.  - Mr. Jim Halsam, HSE Manager    

York Ice Company, Inc. Testimonial



Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders, Backup Camera 

Good Time Ice was looking for a cost-effective method to make certain our drivers were not talking or texting on their mobile phones while driving York Ice vehicles. After months of researching the different technologies on the market we decided to purchase the Dual-Vision®  Video Recording Camera from Rosco Vision Systems. We had already been using Rosco Backup Cameras on our trucks, and these heavy-duty commercial grade Backup Camera Systems are extremely useful in making sure that we don't slam into docks or back into gutters and roof lines. Rosco also has great technical support and our account manager is so friendly and always available should we have any questions and that made the decision to use Dual-Vision®  much easier. The Dual-Vision®  camera has been wonderful. We liked the idea that we could review the data at our leisure simply by pulling an SD card and that there were no additional monthly costs. We have been able to make sure that our drivers are following our company policy of no phone usage while driving and we have also been able to review the camera footage after an accident to see if it could have been avoided. Additionally, Dual-Vision®  cameras are a great way to review that drivers are following speed limits, as well as following that day's route. Both these products from Rosco are well worth the money. After all ... our trucks are moving billboards advertising our company.  - Mr. Jarrod Snyder, Plant Manager 

Ebmeyer Charter Testimonial



Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders, Backup Sensors 







Mr. Bruce Ebmeyer, President

Apple Valley, CA - Ebmeyer Charter

As the President of Ebmeyer Charter and Tour in Apple Valley, CA, we invested in Dual-Vision®  cameras to be installed in all of our motor coaches. As we introduced this video device to our drivers, cleaners and other employees, we were naturally met with some resistance. They thought we would become "Big Brother" in the bus industry but after planning and deployment meetings, they were receptive to working with our company. It wasn't until we actually had to use the camera footage for proof of innocence that our entire staff fell in love with the system. Upon receiving any complaint, the first thing we do is review the Dual-Vision®  video and audio footage. The majority of the time we find our drivers not to be at fault. In the rare instance where we find driver actions can be improved, we use the footage as a foundation for training and opportunity to improve. As a result, the overall morale of the drivers has increased and the company has become more productive. Last week we had an incident where a motor home side swiped our motor coach. The driver of the motor home called and stated that our bus driver was erratic and that we were to blame for the incident. After reviewing the camera footage, then burning a video of the occurrence and e-mailing the file to the motor home driver, he dropped all allegations and offered to repair our damages. Thank you Rosco Vision Systems and Dual-Vision® ! 


Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders, Backup Sensors








Mr. David Sunstein, President

McKeesport, PA - Pennsylvania Coach Lines

I initially purchased the Dual-Vision®  automotive recorder through my insurance carrier for the obvious benefits offered such as continuous recording to help train drivers, to bring immediate attention to severe motion events such as hard braking and accidents, and to protect our company's bottom line in the event of false or erroneous claims.  Ironically, we have found that in addition to all of the expected benefits of the product, and supporting features such as GPS mapping, routing and Geofencing, we discovered that drivers often started their routes too early, or intentionally padded their work hours.  This practice costs our company thousands of dollars a week in wages.  Additionally, we were able to increase the productivity of our school buses by using them on additional routes instead of having them sitting idly on the side of the road.  We were able to reduce fuel consumption and labor costs while at the same time increasing our productivity.  What else could you ask for?  Our consistent review of Dual-Vision's®  high quality continuous recordings, and storage of video footage cataloged by driver name in the enhanced playback and database management program DV-Pro™, saves us money and helps us to make drivers aware of our expectations for them to contribute to our company's productivity, market competitiveness, and bottom line.  Tough economic challenges necessitate even tougher methods of leaning out operations.  We feel we are on the cutting edge and leading our industry by using technologies like Dual-Vision®  to position our company for better economic times and future growth."


Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Event Recorders, Backup Sensors








Sam Bamford, Operations Manager

MassTran is a special needs (paratransit) transportation company. After trying our original four

Dual-Vision®  Cameras and getting to know some of the Rosco staff that worked on the development of these products, we decided to fully commit to this new product. Our order consisted of 68 units including the security enclosure and 16GB cards. Although our first priority was to plan for camera installation in all 43 of our wheelchair vans, after a Friday morning trip one of our fourteen passenger 7-D van drivers mentioned that one of his students was being very difficult on the bus and we installed one

Dual-Vision®  on that bus immediately before he went out on his Friday afternoon run. Sure enough, shortly after that bus driver's clients had been dropped off in the afternoon, one client's mother called the office claiming that "her daughter had been hit by the monitor on the bus". She told us that she was going to let the authorities handle the matter. While watching the video we sat wondering how we managed to get by before having cameras in vehicles. Ironically, the video showed the 8 year old student spitting on and hitting our monitor for the entire 27 minutes of the trip! The worst thing our monitor could have been accused of was un-buckling her seat belt to reach for the hand sanitizer and paper towels. On Monday morning, I received a message from DSS (Department of Social Services) inquiring about the incident. When I told her we had the whole thing on video she came right into the office, watched and dismissed the entire incident. There's no way of telling what the camera was worth on that day but I'm glad we'll never know.

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