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DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Camera & Windshield Camera…


DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Camera & Windshield Camera…


DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Camera & Windshield Camera…


DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Camera & Windshield Camera…

Dual-Vision®  XC Continuous Recording System

Two cameras plus sharp technology equals our Dual-Vision®  recording system. It’s engineered to elevate fleet safety. The Dual-Vision®  XC is our signature line of continuous automotive event recorders (AER). The XC devices capture interior and exterior footage, supply GPS information, and offer instantaneous feedback to drivers. Choose the best Dual-Vision®  high capacity recording system for your fleet requirements. This sleek device is easily positioned on the interior windshield. It records audio and video in a 310° range and shares alerts with drivers in real time, such as when speed limits are surpassed. A continuous recording system for commercial vehicles allows fleet managers to monitor safe driving practices. It serves as a crucial training tool. Our Dual-Vision®  AER models provide the digital footage that companies require, with as many as 160 recording hours available. They also assist commercial drivers in following federal laws regarding hand-held devices. Failure-to-comply fines negatively impact drivers and businesses, with potential fees in the thousands of dollars. Let Rosco products, from shuttle bus video recorders to ambulance cameras, provide real value for your organization. We specialize in compact recording devices for all types of fleet vehicles.

Automotive Continuous Event Recorder Supplies Key Data

Once the route is complete, vital information is at your fingertips. An innovative automotive continuous event recorder delivers a multipronged approach to safety. With Rosco you gain a no-fee program for recording high quality images day and night. You receive a comprehensive array of data from the road. We integrate continuous automotive event recorders with reliable GPS tracking, which supplies key data on variables such as speed and direction. Information moves effortlessly from the device data card to the computer. Upgrade to our smart XC technology or order your Dual-Vision® camera accessories today.

All Dual-Vision®  XC3 models are Wi-Fi capable. The original Auto Download System (ADS) with database server, is now transitioning to a new Cloud Database System (CDS).  The Dual-Vision®  CDS receives automatic uploads of vehicle video files from the Dual-Vision®  XC device such as G-force, speed overage, and driver panic button events. Video can also be requested by vehicle #, date and time.  Cloud users can securely manage settings, data, and play and or download video files from any internet connected computer or mobile device. The data is transmitted to the cloud via a dedicated Wi-Fi network at the garage or vehicle depot level where vehicles are stored, maintained, and dispatched. The Wi-Fi network process is typically proposed, managed, and installed by Rosco. Wi-Fi works in tandem with local storage of video data on SD cards in each Dual-Vision®  device. Wi-Fi virtually eliminates the need to remove SD cards and is perfect for applications where time is in short supply. CDS can be used with Rosco's DV-Pro database management system. Emergency response vehicles, truck fleets, charter buses, law enforcement, school buses, and public transit vehicles can all benefit from the system’s ability to automatically upload video.