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Truck Accident Investigation Software

Our powerful truck accident investigation software can benefit drivers, employers and insurers. It is a reliable, cost effective tool to reduce risks and accurately record vital information. Rosco's camera system for commercial auto risk management work around the clock. The Dual-Vision®  XC system merges interior/exterior video, GPS data, and instant driver alerts into a comprehensive safety solution. With the XC, accidents are prevented, and injuries are avoided. Employees are motivated to follow corporate and legal regulations, is your goal to eliminate unsafe driving? It's easy to identify improper behavior quickly with the latest bus, van, emergency vehicle, and truck accident investigation equipment. Positive behaviors can also be rewarded. Following an incident, fleet managers will quickly turn to recorded video and audio for valuable insight. All types of vehicles are easily equipped with our commercial grade recorders. The Dual Vision®  XC automotive event recorder provides high capacity capabilities, with more than 160 hours of footage. These systems install seamlessly on the windshield. At Rosco, we're dedicated to providing business friendly options for monitoring and improving fleet safety. 


An Asset For Any Fleet 

Safeguard your business against baseless damage claims with commercial accident event recorders. These high tech solutions are great for companies and drivers. Our accident investigation tools capture footage continuously while compiling crucial data related to vehicle speed and travel history. The cameras record passenger activities and driver operations on interior footage, while simultaneously documenting exterior traffic conditions. Automotive event recorders also encourage operators to follow handheld device rules. If your company needs an automotive recording solution without fees, contact Rosco today! 

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