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School Buses

School Bus Safety Products and Solutions

When we design school bus safety products and solutions we put ourselves in the driver’s seat. Our hands-on approach to dependable equipment design and manufacturing improves safety for students and pedestrians. There’s a reason Rosco is the largest supplier of vision safety products for school buses throughout North America! Our products allow drivers to complete their routes with confidence. We offer both integrated systems and individual components to support efficiency, safety, and reliability. With meticulous quality standards, we manufacture:

• School Bus Camera Systems
• Bus Backup Cameras and Rearview Mirrors
• School Bus Security and Surveillance Cameras

The return on an investment in school bus vision safety is priceless—lives may be saved and injuries prevented. Durable school bus mirrors, cameras, and other safety solutions can also help to prevent expensive vehicle repairs, insurance premium increases, and property claims, as well as staggering personal injury costs. Our interior/exterior video capabilities are an invaluable tool for monitoring driver performance and student security. Whether you need a sophisticated automotive event recorder or highly reliable rear vision view camera, our products can launch a new era of progressive safety within your transportation program.

School Bus Mirrors and Backup Cameras Capture Crucial Images

We believe every image around the bus is important. School bus backup cameras and mirrors can reveal a poorly parked car, obstacle in the road, or child in a driveway. We have the technologically advanced equipment, including rearview cameras and backup sensors, which drivers need for operational challenges. From the school parking lot to the bus stop, Rosco shares a clear, more encompassing field of vision while eliminating dangerous blind spots. Every day, bus drivers maneuver around areas with active children. Now is the time to install innovative backup camera systems as a proactive step toward greater safety.

School Buses Safety Products


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Safe-T-Scope 360° Surround Camera System…


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MOR-Vision ® 6" x 16" Backup Camera System with…


Backup Camera System with 7” Color Backup…


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