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Dual-Vision® XC4 - Continuous HD Video and Event Recording


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Dual-Vision®  XC4 continuously monitors and captures driving behavior while simultaneously providing real-time driver feedback. If the predetermined speed limit and/or G-force settings should be exceeded, the driver is notified with an audible chime. The audible chime or “alert” is a reminder to drivers that helps reinforce safe driving habits. Dual-Vision®  XC4’s continuous video helps fleets monitor and confirm that safe practices are consistently maintained by drivers. Dual-Vision®  XC4’s instant driver feedback is the equivalent of a safety expert sitting side by side with drivers and training them on safe practices that result in behavioral changes and fewer incidents and collisions.

Data Retrieval Options

Dual-Vision®  XC4's cellular capabilities allow fleet managers to review and download live video while vehicles are still on the road. The Dual-Vision®  XC4 device connects to the Cloud via cellular connection and users are able to pull live videos and other live data from the Cloud. Live video streaming is also available. Cellular plans and costs vary. Please consult with Rosco on the options that best fit your fleet. Cellular connectivity also allows for integration with certain telematics devices.