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Backup Sensors

Backup Sensor Kits

Wireless Backup Sensor Kits

A wireless backup sensor kit alerts drivers to unsafe situations behind a vehicle. Rosco designs flush mount and under-the-bumper backup sensors for a range of applications. As soon as the vehicle is shifted into reverse, sensors are ready to relay obstruction notifications to a control box. This box in the cargo area communicates wirelessly with an LCD panel inside the vehicle. Clear warnings appear on the display, and when the rear bumper draws close to an obstruction, an alarm sounds. Commercial vehicle backup sensors give drivers the information they need for superior operations, from safe reversing to loading dock alignments. Look to the tough technology of Rosco backup sensors for trucks and other hard-working vehicles. With sensor kits and backup cameras, we deliver rugged tools for smooth driving.

Backup Sensor Accessories

Rosco Backup Sensor Accessories

Backup sensor accessories help you maintain and utilize your safety systems for extended use. Each of our backup kits comes with sensors, a display unit and wireless control box. Using ultrasonic technology, our backup sensors for cars automatically detect the distance between a vehicle and rear obstructions. Be sure to browse backup kit features or contact us for more information on the right products for your fleet.