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Backup Sensor Kits with Ultrasonic Technology


Vehicle Rear Object Detection System | Under Mount…


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Flush Mount Backup Sensor Kit | Under Mount Backup…


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Vehicle Rear Object Detection System | Backup…


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Heavy Duty Front & Rear Object Detection System


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Approved 3 Camera, 7" Monitor, and 6 Sensor…


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Rosco engineers a rear object detection system to keep drivers away from unseen obstacles. Our sensor kits utilize ultrasonic and wireless technology to transmit alerts. The sensors automatically detect the distance between high bumpers and rear obstructions. Kit components include sensors, a wireless control box and display unit. The ultrasonic backup sensors are placed flush on the bumper or beneath the bumper, while control boxes mount in cargo areas. These sensors also serve as efficient parking assistants, guiding movements for safety. If an object is within eight feet, drivers receive a digital warning on the LCD display panel. If the rear bumper of a truck or RV moves into a danger zone, an alarm sounds. Both our truck and car backup sensor kits support fast, affordable installations of sturdy components.

Achieve fewer accidents and greater peace of mind with Rosco. It’s simple to increase visibility with automotive backup sensors. Our flush mount sensors are the ideal partners for backing up and mastering a range of parking maneuvers. These minivan, pickup and car backup sensors install securely to the vehicle rear bumper. Each of our backup kits comes with sensors, a display unit and wireless control box. Using ultrasonic technology, our backup sensors for cars automatically detect the distance between a vehicle and rear obstructions. The digital display informs drivers of both the distance and direction of objects in their path. Be sure to browse backup kit features or contact us for more information on the right products for your fleet.