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Dual-Vision®  Recording


Vehicle Camera & Windshield Camera | Dual-Vision® XC | Rosco

Dual-Vision®  windshield camera by Rosco is a self-contained, dual-camera, high-capacity audio/video digital recorder with a post-route GPS tracker included. A lockable security enclosure prevents damage, intentional and unintentional, to the device and restricts access to recordings, camera views, and functionality.



The enclosed unit mounts on the inside windshield and provides a clear 310° degree view of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

  • NEW Third Camera Option to Fit Your Applications Needs!
  • Wi-Fi Data Download Option
  • 160+ Hours of Continuous Video Recording "Prevent the Event"
  • Instant Driver Feedback and Training
  • Ideal Tool to Make Certain Commercial Drivers are Complying with New Distracted Driving Law
  • Smaller Windshield Imprint!  Only 4" in height and 2.5" Wide!
  • Data Stores on Removable 32GB SD Card
  • Audio/Video Plays on any Computer; no Special Decoding Subscription Required
  • Timer for 24-hour Surveillance of Vehicle
  • Contains Integrated GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Speed, Direction, Location, Vehicle Number, and Date/Time Stamp
  • Unit Includes Windshield Mount Push Lock


Upgrade your vehicles and fleet management system with this innovative digital recording windshield camera.

Click here for Rosco's National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) white paper on how to limit Distracted Driving submitted during the Attentive Driving Forum.

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