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Flush Mount Backup Sensor Kit | Under Mount Backup Sensors

Take advantage of intuitive flush mount backup sensors for cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. These ultrasonic sensors install in line with the bumper for a seamless appearance and factory look. Your drivers need obstruction detection when they move into reverse. They should also have optimal awareness during parking challenges, such as maneuvering into parallel spaces. A flush mount system is a reliable partner in backing up and parking. Each Rosco backup sensor kit includes a digital display unit, sensors, and wireless transmitter. The sensors detect objects to the rear, as well as the distance between the vehicle and any obstructions. Distance and location information are transmitted through the wireless control box to a display panel. So drivers can make immediate adjustments. An alert will also sound when an object is within a specific range and risks are increased. Depend on proven technology when it comes to flush mount backup sensors for cars. Install Rosco sensor kits or rear view monitors and cameras to take safety up a notch.



Commercial Vehicle Backup Sensors for Safer Parking

Fleet drivers will know when obstructions are behind them with our commercial vehicle backup sensors. An LCD display unit delivers a digital alert as soon as the vehicle comes within eight feet of an obstacle. Also left, middle and right indicators identify areas of concern. Our flush-mounted ultrasonic backup sensors perform well on the lower bumpers of cars, limos and minivans. Plus, a wireless control box system means affordable installations on company vehicles. We also sell backup sensor kits that mount securely under higher bumpers. Rosco is renowned for manufacturing heavy duty vehicle backup sensors. Contact us to learn more.

Designed for cars, suvs, 4x4s, mini-vans, pickups, and small trucks.  Perfect for backing up, street parking, parallel parking, garage parking, and parking in tight spots.  In-bumper type sensors provide the look of a factory installed system.

Kit Features:

  • Wireless communication between control box/display unit
  • Four (4) Flush Mount Sensors
  • Bars display direction/distance of obstruction
  • Direction of obstruction indicated if left/middle/right
  • Digital LED display
  • Audible alarm


*Sensors are to be used as parking aides for fixed objects such as vehicles and buildings.  They are not to be used for pedestrian detection.

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