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Vehicle Rear Object Detection System | Under Mount Backup Sensors

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Rosco engineers a rear object detection system to keep drivers away from unseen obstacles. Our under-mount backup sensor kits utilize ultrasonic and wireless technology to transmit alerts. The sensors automatically detect the distance between high bumpers and rear obstructions. Kit components include sensors, a wireless control box and display unit. The ultrasonic backup sensors are placed beneath bumpers, while control boxes mount in cargo areas. These sensors also serve as efficient parking assistants, guiding movements for safety. If an object is within eight feet, drivers receive a digital warning on the LCD display panel. If the rear bumper of a truck or RV moves into a danger zone, an alarm sounds. Rosco also specializes in flush mount backup sensors which are ideal for lower bumpers. Both our truck and car backup sensor kits support fast, affordable installations of sturdy components.



Under Mount Ultrasonic Backup Sensors Alert Drivers

Limited information may lead to driver error. That’s why Rosco designs under mount ultrasonic backup sensors. They relay visual and audible alerts that inform drivers of obstructions. With the installation of a backup kit, durable sensors are placed beneath the bumpers of cargo vans and pickup trucks. The ultrasonic sensors serve as a reliable object detection system for commercial vehicles. An easy-to-read panel inside the vehicle digitally reports the distance and direction of obstructions. Our vehicle backup sensor kits promote greater awareness as drivers reverse. Rosco is also the U.S. distributor of backup camera systems and continuous loop AERs. Companies of all sizes choose our products every day.

 Kit Features:

  • Wireless communication between control box/display unit
  • Four (4) Under Mount Sensors
  • Bars display direction/distance of obstruction
  • Direction of obstruction indicated if left/middle/right
  • Digital LED display
  • Audible alarm


*Sensors are to be used as parking aides for fixed objects such as vehicles and buildings.  They are not to be used for pedestrian detection.

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