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STS Surround Camera Kits


Safe-T-Scope 360° Surround Camera System

Rosco’s Safe-T-Scope360 has the proven reliability of the Safe-T-Scope® Series Cameras with 360° Coverage of the Vehicle. 

Safe-T-Scope360™ has been developed to reduce collisions and increase safety. Four camera images either shown together or separately provide a 360º surround view of the vehicle, reducing blind spots and displaying  VRUs and other obstacles in blind zones.

Features & Benefits

  • 4 cameras each with 185° Field of Vision allow the driver to see everything around the vehicle.
  • A 360° aerial view along with other available views ensures the most coverage around the vehicle.
  • Increase driver awareness.
  • Provide visual coverage of blind zones that are pertinent to large vehicles.
  • Reduce risk of collisions with VRUs.
  • Provide clear vision on sides of vehicles for narrow roadways.
  • Expanded side vision when reversing into a blind zone.


Contact Rosco for more information and pricing. 

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