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GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking Devices

Rosco’s high performance products with GPS tracking devices allow fleet managers to review the detailed travel history of commercial vehicles. Our versatile Dual-Vision®  systems function at a higher level. A Dual-Vision®  XC device is a continuous video camera, automotive event recorder, and GPS module in one. It also provides instantaneous driver feedback through audible alerts. The compact XC will mount on a vehicle’s inside windshield, capturing interior and exterior views. Every model includes a built-in GPS tracking device for automobiles and commercial trucks, which supplies valuable post-route information. The ultra reliable Dual-Vision®  XC line fits the needs of your fleet!


Commercial Vehicle GPS and AER Device

A comprehensive system for fleet management supports improved safety and productivity. That’s why Rosco integrates a commercial vehicle GPS directly into its fleet management solutions. Our exclusive Dual Vision®  XC system provides the benefits of an AER, along with map-based routing and tracking functions. This means companies can configure, view and report GPS data on speed, direction, location, and other parameters. Rosco offers commercial vehicle tracking systems that streamline route searching, geofencing, and off-route reviews.


GPS Tracking System for Cars and Trucks

By tracking a vehicle’s trip history, you can ensure drivers are traveling the most efficient routes. Enhance a single vehicle or update an entire fleet with Rosco camera systems featuring GPS capabilities. The Dual-Vision®  XC models include a professional GPS tracking system for cars and trucks that supports rapid evaluations of route history. A GPS for commercial vehicles can also share information that is helpful in driver training. Call now to speak to a sales representative, or fill out our contact form to learn more.


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