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Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software

Using proprietary fleet management software and elite automotive event recorders, businesses can manage fleets safely and efficiently. Rosco offers the very latest in automotive fleet management systems that come with compatible software, at no additional cost. The Dual-Vision®  XC is our signature line of continuous recording AERs. Dual-Vision®  devices capture interior/exterior footage, collect GPS information and offer instantaneous feedback to drivers. Audio and video data is captured in a 310° range for up to 160 hours with various sizes of SD cards available. Using fleet tracking software, managers can view AV files and trip histories, including GPS data. Choose Dual-Vision®  XC as your fleet management solution for the results you need now.


Fleet Tracking Solutions with Commercial Capabilities

We manufacture commercial grade equipment that delivers comprehensive fleet tracking solutions. Our continuous recording systems allow fleet managers to monitor safe driving practices and share crucial training tools. Critical incidents are saved in easily identifiable files. Rosco provides our standard fleet management programs without setup or subscription costs, saving businesses money.


Vehicle Fleet Management Systems for Companies

We put efficient data management in your hands with our vehicle fleet management systems. Protect your company from frivolous lawsuits and exonerate your drivers from false claims with advanced devices, such as the

Dual-Vision®  XC! By utilizing the right vehicle fleet management software and reliable devices, companies can take action to reduce accidents and costs. Select a product from Rosco Vision™ Systems to tackle fleet challenges today!


Backup Camera Products

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