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Backup Camera Systems


MOR-Vision® 6" x 30" Mirror/Monitor Backup Camera System

MOR-Vision® STSK6630 Backup Camera System is a more advanced driver aide for school bus, shuttle and paratransit buses that includes a camera mounted on the back of the bus sending images to a monitor installed within the interior rearview mirror of the bus.



With safety a priority in student and public transportation, backing up large transit or yellow school buses creates a potentially dangerous situation. The combination of limited visibility and the need to maneuver around students, pedestrians and other vehicles has the potential for disaster.


A color camera is able to process excellent images in all light conditions, even in complete darkness.  The camera has a 150° diagonal field of vision for superb coverage behind the vehicle.  The system is weather proof with a IP67 rating, shock resistant, comes with a one (1) year warranty, and complies with latest NHTSA 49 CFR Parts 571 & 585 (RIN 2127-AK43) when installed properly. 


Kit Components:

(1) 7" Monitor STSM630
(1) Backup Camera STSC111B
(1) 65' Harness STSH341

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