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MOR-Vision® Ford Transit Brake Light Backup Camera Kit

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The Ford Transit Backup Mirror/Monitor System from Rosco is the safety solution for your Ford Transit. With 170° field of vision and up to 17 feet of night time visibility, this camera system has you covered. The “Two-in-one" rearview mirror automatically displays a crisp, clear view of what’s going on behind the vehicle when in reverse and provides the standard rearview mirror view at all other times. The clip-on feature allows quick and easy installation for you and your drivers.Simply slide the mirror/monitor over your existing OEM rearview mirror and begin using your new backup camera system. 1 year warranty



Kit Components:

(1) 4.3" Monitor STSM231
(1) Backup Camera STSC149
(1) 33' Harness STSH343

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