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ROSCOLive® Cloud Storage

ROSCOLive Cloud Storage

Get Live Video Streaming for Dual-Vision XC4 with ROSCOLive | Rosco

Always Have Access to Your Fleet & Drivers with ROSCOLive 2.0.

Dual-Vision XC4's cellular capabilities allow fleet managers to receive real-time Event notifications, and review and download live video while vehicles are still on the road. The Dual-Vision XC4 device connects to the ROSCOLive Cloud via a 4G cellular connection and users are able to pull videos and other data from RoscoLive Cloud. Live video streaming is also available for real-time footage of fleet vehicles. 

Key Features:

  • Live Track & Trace
  • Remote Device & SD Card Management
  • Real-Time Event Notifications
  • Remote Video Downloads
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Vehicle Data Reporting


Contact Rosco for more information and pricing. 

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