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DISCONTINUED - Vehicle Rear Object Detection System | Backup Sensors

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DISCONTINUED - PLEASE REFER TO BSSK4000 AS AN ALTERNATE. Rosco's BSSK1002 Backup Sensor system is a new addition to the Rosco sensor product line. Unlike the BSSK1000 and BSSK1001, this kit is hardwired and includes the option for both flush and under mount sensors. Sensors are placed 6”- 9” from the side edge of the bumper and equally spaced to ensure accurate sensor coverage. The ultrasonic technology detects the distance between the vehicle and rear obstructions and notifies the driver on the digital display and with audible alerts if the bumper is too close to the object. The BSSK1002 Backup Sensor system consists of (4) ultrasonic sensor, (4) under mount brackets a driver display and hard wired Electronic Control Unit (ECU). 

Operating Range: 9 ~ 32Vdc
Operating Current: 20 ~ 150mA
Max Detection Distance: 8.0 ft.
Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
Working Temperature: -22° ~ +158°F
Display Size: 3.7”W x 1.9”D x 0.8”H
Transmitter Size: 4.75”W x 1.125”D x 3.25”H
ECU Weather Rating: IP67
Sensing Resolution: 0.5 ft.
Sensor Lead Length: 8 ft.

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