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Rosco Rebound Rear Cross View Mirror

Rosco Rebound® Rear Cross View Mirror

Rear cross view mirrors are required on vans, step-vans, or trucks to comply with state motor vehicle laws, or simply used to improve safety and driver vision when in reverse. “ReboundTM Technology” will ensure that Rosco’s new mirror will always be positioned in the right place.
Rear Cross Viewing Made Safe and Effective!

Rosco’s patented “ReboundTM Technology” allows the mirror arm, not the mirror head to be hit upon inadvertent contact with obstructions. “ReboundTM Technology” springs the arm back in its original place when the vehicle moves away from the obstruction. Although the mirror head comes standard with an acrylic unbreakable convex lens which provides clear views behind the vehicle, ReboundTM auto-return technology allows the mirror head to always remain properly adjusted for safe and effective rear cross viewing.

February, 2005, Jamaica, New York - Rosco, Inc. introduces the new Rosco ReboundTM Mirror with spring loaded auto-return as the answer to new state laws requiring cross-view mirrors or cameras for vans, step-vans, and trucks. The new ReboundTM applies a high mounted, spring loaded auto-return mechanism hat will make readjusting the mirror after an impact virtually unnecessary. Not only is the safety of the vehicle improved due to more consistent viewing of the cene behind the vehicle, but the cost of downtime and replacement mirrors will be greatly reduced. Another option for safety is Rosco’s new Safe-T-ScopeTM video monitoring system that includes a weather resistant camera that allows clear daytime or nighttime viewing with the use of infrared LEDs, and which also ffers a built-in microphone to detect sound behind the vehicle.

These new innovative solutions are ideal for safety conscience operators and owners. Rosco, Inc based in Jamaica, N.Y., is one of North America’s leading suppliers of mirrors, visors and other visual safety systems to the worldwide commercial vehicle market and is renowned for its strong design engineering focus and custom product development. For more information, call contact Peter Plate, Rosco at 800-227-2095 ext. 124, or visit our website at