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Rosco Accustyle OEM and replacement Mirror System

Rosco Accustyle® OEM and Replacement Mirror System

Rosco’s AccustyleTM rearview mirror and kit will transform any conventional “West-Coast” loop and mirror system into a modern and aesthetically pleasing design that adds as much in functionality as it does in good looks. Rear Viewing Mirrors Finally Improved!

The AccustyleTM replaces existing hand-adjustable or two-way motorized 7” x 16” mirrors with a corrosion proof mirror head made from an injection molding process. The AccustyleTM can also be utilized as a high value replacement mirror to modern four-way motorized mirror products found on today’s most popular trucks.

February, 2005, Jamaica, New York - Rosco, Inc. introduces the new Rosco AccustyleTM rearview mirror system and kit to replace conventional “West-Coast” mirrors which lack the safety, ease of adjustment, and operational efficiency of four way remote control mirrors. The AccustyleTM four-way motorized option will save time and money by allowing for mirror adjustments while sitting in the driver’s seat. This avoids trial and error single-person adjustments, two-person djustments and compromising your field of vision. Accustyle’s four way motorized option allows for a variety of adjustments to facilitate changes in vehicle peration such as inclines, declines, or tight backup operations. The mirror system is also available in numerous lens configurations and manual/hand djustable operation.

Rosco, Inc based in Jamaica, N.Y., is one of North America’s leading suppliers of mirrors, visors and other visual safety systems to the worldwide commercial ehicle market and is renowned for its strong design engineering focus and custom product development. For more information, call contact Peter Plate, Rosco at 800-227-2095 ext. 124, or visit our website at