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Corporate Leadership
Chief Executive Officer Ben Englander
Chief Financial Officer Danny Englander
    Controller Sandra Singh
    Manager - Human Resources Kimberly Pampan
Vice President - Business Dev./Technical Specs Dave McDonald
Vice President - Technology Gary Balsam
Vice President - Sales & Marketing Peter Plate
    Senior Sales Manager - School Bus Matt Eckert 
    Sales Manager - Commercial & Public Safety Open
    Sales Manager - Truck & Off-Road Jim Fecile
    Military, Specialty, & Other Peter Plate
    Senior Program Manager - Collision Avoidance Mike Cacic
    Sales Manager - Collision Avoidance Systems Open 
    Program Manager - VideoMatics John Fontana
    Sales Manager - VideoMatics Steve Brumbach
    Account Manager Ron Marion
    Regional Sales Manager - South Ross Braddock
    Senior Regional Sales Manager - Midwest Josh Terebinski
    Regional Sales Manager - West Jeremy Berg
    Senior Regional Sales Manager - North Central Joel Catlin
    Regional Sales Manager - Northeast Ryan Whelan
    Regional Sales Manager - South Central John Reid
    Regional Sales Manager - Canada Ali Khan
    Director - Marketing & Digital Engagement Amy Ahn-You
    Technical Sales Support Azeem Khan
    Technical Sales Support Awounda Mitchell
    RoscoLive Coordinator Judith Brown
    Customer Support Beverly Benhaim
    Customer Support / Epicor Coordinator Kandy Khooblall
Vice President - Operations Joe Ippolito
    Senior Manager - Quality & Continuous Improvement  Nadav Weizman
    Warranty Coordinator Herb McAlister
    Director - Manufacturing Operations Ravi Seepersad
    Director - Procurement & Logistics Bill Weisberger
    Manager - Shipping  
Vice President - Mechanical Engineering Julian Serer
    Mechanical Engineer  Arti Karkar


Employment: Approximately 280

Distribution Network: Approximately 400 independent distributors or OEM direct parts distribution centers. 

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