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International Capabilities

Rosco Forms International Partnership to Complement Global Capabilities

JAMAICA, N.Y., July 25, 2004 - Rosco has formed a co-manufacturing and distribution partnership with Ashtree Glass in Bradford, England ( ). Rosco has sold to and supported international markets for many years and currently has product in application throughout 25 countries worldwide. Rosco has positioned itself for the growth in the truck, construction, and material-handling markets currently experienced in Europe, by producing and distributing product through Ashtree Glass Limited.

"The partnership we have formed with Ashtree, an uncannily similar company to Rosco both in tradition and ownership, was essential to serving our increasing base of European customers in a manner consistent with the high level of personalization and service provided in North America,” said Peter Plate, Director of Sales and Marketing, Rosco, Inc. The partnership is a true win/win for both parties by also providing Ashtree a manufacturing and distribution capability in North America through Rosco where their products will complement Rosco's existing product line-up.

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